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Call 1 (800) 784-8080

Mobile Systems

Increased Capacity

Lateral filing systems will increase shelving capacity with the least disruption to operations. More of your materials are available at all times. More shelving units are placed on tracks in front of existing shelving units and are moved back and forth to access the shelves behind.

Capacity is typically increased 70-90% for a two-shelf deep system and as much as 140-180% using a three-shelf deep system.


To keep the look of your office or other environment it’s best, track and deck can be configured to sit directly on the floor and have tile or carpet to match.

System Type Comparison

Mechanical Electrical Manual/Lateral
Carriage Capacity 910/1250 lbs. per carriage foot 910/1250 lbs. per carriage foot 450/910 lbs. per carriage foot
Carriage Length 3′ – 32′ 3′ – 48′ 3′ – 12′
Carriage Profile 3″ / 6″ off finished floor 3″ / 6″ off finished floor 3″ off finished floor
Safety Features Anti-Tip

Aisle Lock

Laser Eye Sweep

All Unit Emergency Sweep

Aisle Lock
Products can be configured to meet your building code or seismic requirements. Please speak with us to find out more.