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Mobile Systems

Aluminum Design

Both carriages and track are constructed out of high-strength aluminum, which helps reduce weight and cost of the system. The system is also designed to easily handle high weight loads, as steel systems do, so there is no loss in performance or ability using the aluminum system.

Low Profile Carriages

Because the carriages utilize smaller wheels, the shelving is only 3″ off the floor, 2-3″ lower than other systems. This creates more room for storage, even in limited space, and easier accessibility of all levels, especially the higher ones. Cross braces and guide wheels eliminate racking of the carriages which can cause binding and undue stress – especially with longer carriages.

Efficient Weight Distribution

Large amounts of items can better be stored using these systems as weight is efficiently spread out over more area. In mobile systems, under each shelving upright are wheels, several if necessary, and track. This helps spread the weight evenly over the flooring surface and enables systems to be installed in areas where floor load is critical – such as high-rise buildings. Also, by placing a wheel under each upright, the load is directed to the floor and eliminates stress on the carriage and removes the possibility of the carriage being distorted over time.


Our standard wheel has 50% more capacity than all other aluminum systems due to it’s high-strength construction. The riding surface for the wheel is inserted in the field. This allows for a continuous riding surface without splices, no matter the number of track sections or length of the run.
Separations in track and wheel damage are eliminated with this method. Smaller wheels allow them to be placed closer to the perimeter of the carriage creating a wider footprint and a more stable unit.


Tracks have been designed and developed for optimal performance and life. There are different tracks depending on the usage and all meet high quality expectations. Tracks are composed of aluminum and joined using inserts that create a continual rolling surface for the carriage wheels. Options for ramp, ADA ramp (built-in), anti-tip and embedded chain for mechanically assisted sprocket drives are available to make sure each track in the system is optimally configured for its use.

See ramp and deck options.

Track Sweeps

Track sweeps ensure proper positioning and full-support by keeping tracks free of debris and prevent derailment. Clean tracks keep your system safe and operable for years, eliminating many common wear and tear issues without frequent cleaning. Track sweeps are composed of ¼” thick nylon composite, easily attach to carriages and are tapered to have an exact fit with the track. Track sweeps are also an industry-first innovation by Mobile Media.


Anti-tip systems prevent mobile shelving from falling over when moved. They are essential when the shelving’s height is 4x the depth of the units or greater. Anti-tip is also required on all systems in seismic zones to guard against units falling over during an earthquake.

Several types of anti-tip systems are available, depending on the application. Most lateral and compacting systems can use track anti-tip, where the unit engages with the track to prevent tipping. Sometimes an over-head system is preferable or used in conjunction to also brace against a fall from the top of the shelves.

Products can be configured to meet your building code or seismic requirements. Please speak with us to find out more.