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Mobile Systems


Our patented foot brake, the Positive Stop (PS07) brake, completely and easily eliminates all system movement. Safety concerns are a thing of the past with the easy-to-use lever action foot brake. It has achieved OSHA compliance as well. This brake works by engaging into the chain embedded in the track and will not move until released.

To offer backwards compatibility with older systems, a standard foot brake (FB07) is also available that uses friction on the floor to stop the carriage. While mostly-effective, this design has it’s limitations with life-span and has the potential to slip under certain loads and movement.

Mechanical Assist

For larger systems and heavier loads or for a more refined look and ease of use, mechanical assist drives are the answer. These rotating handle units are sprocket driven and connected to chain in the track to provide easy and reliable carriage movement. Also, sprockets are far less likely to slip than wheel driven systems.
Each drive unit features a push-to-lock feature to prevent the carriage from moving. Cross bracing is used to prevent carriage racking – when one end of the carriage moves ahead or lags behind the other. Racking impedes movement and can damage components or derail a carriage. Mobile Media’s system eliminates racking.

Drives come in three ratios, 2000:1, 4000:1, 8000:1 for varying weights and lengths of carriages. With each, over one-ton (2,200 lbs. to be exact) can be moved with just a pound of pressure! You’ll be amazed at how easily it moves.

Shafts can be connected for driving the carriage from the middle or end for better weight distribution and less racking. Drives can also be utilized on both ends of a carriage and connected with a shaft for seamless usage from either end of the aisle. The drives are completely enclosed yet offer easy access for any maintenance reasons. These boxes can be embedded in end panels or left with just their enclosure to meet any design need.

Mechanical Drive Handles

Mechanical assist handles come in several varieties – the standard mechanical handle, a fold-down mechanical handle and a tri-spoke mechanical handle are all available.

The fold-down mechanical handle provides an extra few inches of space and keeps the handle tucked out of the way. Both the standard and fold-down mechanical handle can be used with the mechanical drive at no additional cost. The tri-spoke handle is common in many office and filing situations or for other commercial or high-end jobs. All three mechanical handles feature a push-to-lock safety to prevent
the carriage from moving. A keyed lock is also available.

Manual Handle

For manual carriages an aluminum handle, now in black finish, provides grip and style in any light to medium weight application. Many retailers choose this handle for their stockrooms or for smaller filing in office environments.


Ramp removes tripping hazard by raised tracks and additional safety and available ADA compliance. ADA track features built-in ramp for ADA compliance. Ramp can be used to enter a decked system or placed on both sides of tracks to allow easier access and the ability to roll carts, ladders and more into aisles.


Deck provides a continuous surface for safety, accessibility, and refinement of any environment. Deck systems utilize ramp on the entry side tracks. Deck can be simple plywood, fire retardant plywood or a tiled deck for a finished appearance. While we do not directly offer other deck materials, options such as industrial or safety flooring and low carpet have been used flawlessly. A decked floor greatly enhances any system.

End Panels

End panels provide a clean, finished look and help keep items and inventory separate and clean. End panels come in a variety of colors, styles and materials. The base option, melamine is available in almond or gray. The upper-end laminate provides a much higher amount of color customization options. Both are available in either flat or wrapped styles.

Flat is generally used for manual assist carriages while mechanical and electrical feature wrap panels that enclose the hardware within the end panel so only the handle or control box are visible.

Masonite can also be used as a thin, flat end panel. This is the standard option for golf bag systems where the panel is also around the entire shelving unit and helps support the clubs and other items.

Custom end panels can also be used from your vendor or architect or we can special order materials such as peg board and hooks to provide additional options and storage for your mobile system.

Folding Tables

Folding tables are available to attach to the end of a mobile aisle to provide temporary work space while preserving floor space when not in use.

Products can be configured to meet your building code or seismic requirements. Please speak with us to find out more.