The new Gucci store on Wooster Street’s construction had been directed by Michilli Inc, the general contractor for the project. While the incredible open sales floor was designed with Italian culture in mind, the back of house had been carefully blueprinted for efficiency. MMI Storage Solutions, for that reason, had been contracted to provide the back of house shelving and delivered on its guarantee of excellence.


The back of house area is about 5000 sq feet and Mobile Media had ensured that all of the space that was available for stock would be efficiently utilized. In addition to our standard rack solid shelving, the Gucci team had requested marking boards; to help keep products orderly, and lockers; to ensure the safekeeping of employee belongings. The many accessories that Mobile Media can provide are truly what makes us more than just a shelving company, but a complete one stop shop for the back of house retail stockroom niche.

* * *

The Gucci store was revisited a few months after the store officially opened and Mobile Media was welcomed back with open arms during New York Fashion Week 2018. We were delighted to see that all of the shelving was being put to great use. There was not an empty space in sight on our shelving and all of the products were systematically organized to maintain order. It was a delight to see such a clean and crisp stockroom reflect the immaculate and elegant sales floor. Gucci is clearly a brand that values organization not only where its outright visible but behind closed doors as well.