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Mobile Systems

Store More

Mobile storage systems will greatly increase your storage capacity. Instead of having an aisle between every row of shelving, mobile systems have one “mobile” aisle and all the other space previously used by aisles is converted to shelving. This process can nearly double your capacity.

Alternately, you can store the same amount of items and materials in a smaller area, giving you room to do more in the freed up space.

Mobile systems increase productivity, save money and increase space.


Mobile carriages can be fitted to existing shelving or designed for a completely new system to effectively maximize your storage space capacity.

Shelving is raised by 3″ off the floor using the low-profile carriage (some configurations may require 4″). These low-profile carriages keep higher shelves within reach.

Systems can be installed directly on the floor or with a flush deck between the tracks. Ramps can be added with or without deck to further ease access, especially for carts and ADA access. Learn more about track, deck and ramp.

Handle Anything

Weight is not a problem for these systems. The manual storage system is rated for 1,150 lbs. per linear foot. Weight is dispersed better by installing a track under every upright. This creates less load on the floor and enables the system to be installed in more locations.

For extremely heavy applications, additional wheels are added to share the weight load, vastly increasing storage capacity.

Go Anywhere

Mobile systems are used across many industries and services, including:

  • Retail Clothing & Shoes
  • Retail Toys, Gifts & Accessories
  • Retail Computer & Accesories
  • Corporate Technology Storage
  • Sports Equipment
  • Municipal Filing
  • Police Records & Evidence
  • Military Installations
  • Office & Legal Filing
  • Medical Records Storage
  • Education Materials & Equipment
  • Industrial & Warehousing Storage

See more industry solutions.

System Type Comparison

Mechanical Electrical Manual/Lateral
Carriage Capacity 910/1250 lbs. per carriage foot 910/1250 lbs. per carriage foot 450/910 lbs. per carriage foot
Carriage Length 3′ – 32′ 3′ – 48′ 3′ – 12′
Carriage Profile 3″ / 6″ off finished floor 3″ / 6″ off finished floor 3″ off finished floor
Safety Features Anti-Tip

Aisle Lock

Laser Eye Sweep

All Unit Emergency Sweep

Aisle Lock
Products can be configured to meet your building code or seismic requirements. Please speak with us to find out more.