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Call 1 (800) 784-8080

Shelving & Storage


The office style shelving is the versatile and cost-effective solution to all your storage requirements. Whether it’s office record filing, healthcare record filing, industrial storage or periodical/book storage — it’s the right choice.

A unique interlocking keyhole slot design eliminates sway bars, nuts, and bolts for obstacle-free access to your stored items. It literally snaps together in minutes for quick installation and reconfiguration whenever necessary. With a vast array of shelf component options designed for open shelf filing applications, this shelving is designed to be highly configurable and last a long time.

HIPAA Compliance

We offer HIPAA compliant doors and filing solutions, so you can keep serving your patients with the utmost security and confidentiality. Bi-Fold doors are designed with simplicity in mind and make your security worries a thing of the past. The Mobile Media HIPAA doors are reinforced the full length for maximum strength and rigidity and at 1/2″ thick (1″ folded) they are ultra low profile. The doors can be used on both Bi-File (Lateral) systems as well as Compact systems.

Highest Filing Density

Office style shelving provides the highest filing density per square foot, whether you’re filing letter or legal-sized documents. It can be configured to offer single or double-sided record access for easier filing and retrieval in less space. Conventional four-drawer vertical files need 100 square feet of floor space to hold 1500 linear inches of material, but office style shelving only needs 40 square feet – that’s a floor space savings of 60%!

Optional backs, file dividers and reference shelves allow you to build or expand a system to meet your filing needs. This shelving is also easily used in conjunction with mobile systems.


Whether you’re storing documents, medical records, x-rays, books, legal papers or heavier items, there are plenty of options to choose from. Shelves, doors, reference shelves, backs, center dividers, periodical shelves, filing carts, modular drawers and more are all available.

Products can be configured to meet your building code or seismic requirements. Please speak with us to find out more.