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Shelving & Storage

Back-to-back vs. Pass-Through vs. Split

Shelving units can be placed back-to-back or, depending on weight and size requirements, a single unit can be created that acts as two units placed back-to-back. This not only saves on components, but saves on cost all around – from materials, shipping and final assembly. Both types of units can be set up to allow items to pass-through the entire unit or be separated using back panels, plastic mesh or masonite dividers. Whatever your need, there is an option to meet it.


Depending on whether the units are back-to-back, pass-through or split shelving, dividers can be used to keep items separate for easier storage and convenient access. Dividers are made out of masonite paneling or a flexible plastic mesh.

End & Back Panels

Stockrooms can be kept looking their best and items kept neatly within the shelves using end or back panels. The end panels can be made of thin masonite for economical jobs, or a thicker melamine for color options or laminate finish for even more of a color palette and high-end look. For better efficiency in the stock room, some clients even use masonite end panels on the end of units that have “dead corners” where shelving has an unusable space between the units and the wall where items could fall and be hard to reach. Learn more about end panels.

Ladder hangers

Some stockrooms require taller shelving which is hard to reach. Every inch of space is important in a crowded stockroom, making efficiently storing a ladder a priority. Ladder hangers are available to place at the end of shelving rows to effectively and efficiently store ladders right where employees need them.

Hang bars

Sometimes a shelf won’t do for clothing storage. Hang bars are available in most shelving sizes for both Rack Solid and Rack Tab shelving. Multiple hang bars can be used on each level if needed to provide even more storage. Hang rows can also be combined with a shelf to increase storage and keep clothes clean. Hang rows can also feature a front beam to increase shelving rigidity, often effective for seismic requirements.

Attachment for End Hooks

Another solution to use the end of the aisle is with special attachments for hooks. Now every inch of space can be utilized.

Bike Hooks

Specialized bike hooks are available to make storing bikes easy. Multiple bikes can now be stored efficiently with easy access.


A wide variety of locker styles and sizes are available to meet your storage needs – whether for valuable items or for employee use, we’ve got what you need.

Dry Erase Boards

We also carry dry erase boards to meet your storage room needs. Some of our customers opt to put dry erase boards at the end of their shelving aisles to keep track of what’s being stored in each aisle – from shipment to shipment or season to season.

Shelving Inserts, Dividers, Drawers & More

For office style shelving, a variety of shelving inserts, dividers, drawers and more are available to fit any document size or storage need.


A lot of retail storage areas are also areas for store managers and for receiving shipments. Because of this, we’ve developed a set of standard desks using Rack Solid shelving.
Find out more here. We also can customize our system to meet your needs, just ask!

Custom Units

Sometimes there are specialty areas or requirements that aren’t met by a standard shelf configuration, and to this, we can offer customized solutions. For example, some of the retail stockrooms we supply have water fountains and our clients need to store items around these. To fit the area, a custom sized unit is created with only shelves on the top to effectively surround the water fountains with storage.


Our shelving comes in several colors and end panels are available in a wide array of colors. Please speak with us and we’d be happy to assist you and quote your color needs.

Other Solutions

If you have another need or custom solution, we’d be happy to consider it. Some of our greatest ideas come from helping our customers.

Products can be configured to meet your building code or seismic requirements. Please speak with us to find out more.