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Retail Solutions


The stockroom is the heart of your store – if you’re out of stock, you’re out of business. A properly organized static shelving system will efficiently store your products and a mobile system has the potential to nearly double your capacity. That means more stock, a greater selection, and better business. We are highly experienced with retail stockrooms and provide solutions to a variety of large and small store retailers on a day-to-day basis and we’d love to assist you in managing your stockroom storage.

Maximize Space & Efficiency

Mobile systems place shelving on movable carriages, effectively replacing the aisles and creating one movable aisle. This is where the extra capacity – almost double in most cases – comes in. Now the space previously used by an aisle can be replaced with shelving to store more of what your customers are looking for. That will effectively reducing your operating costs by storing more within the same space and allow you to receive bulk shipments to provide your customers with a great selection of stock available for immediate sale.

Shelving Inserts, Dividers, Drawers & More

For stockroom shelving, a variety of shelving inserts, dividers, drawers and more are available to fit any product size or inventory need.

Hang bars

Sometimes a shelf won’t do for clothing storage. Hang bars are available in most shelving sizes for both Rack Solid and Rack Tab shelving. Multiple hang bars can be used on each level if needed to provide even more storage. Hang rows can also be combined with a shelf to increase storage and keep clothes clean. Hang rows can also feature a front beam to increase shelving rigidity, often effective for seismic requirements.

Attachment for End Hooks

Another solution to use the end of the aisle is with special attachments for hooks. The hooks can be used to either hang product like accessories or shoes, or can be used to hang useful stockroom items like tags or labelers. Now every inch of space can be utilized.

Ladder hangers

Some stockrooms require taller shelving which is hard to reach. Every inch of space is important in a crowded stockroom, making efficiently storing a ladder a priority. Ladder hangers are available to place at the end of shelving rows to effectively and efficiently store ladders right where employees need them.

End Panels

End panels will help keep items neat and clean as well as provide an aesthetic touch to your stockroom. Keep it simple with masonite or choose melamine for more color options. We also have laminated end panels available in a wide variety of colors. Other materials, such as peg board, are also available on request.

What to Store?

Shoes, boots, folding clothes, hanging clothes, suitcases, perfume, bedding, housewares, toys, bikes, sports equipment, computers, electronics and more. Chances are, if you sell it, we have (or can create) a system to store it.

Custom Units

Sometimes there are specialty areas or requirements that aren’t met by a standard shelf configuration, and to this, we can offer customized solutions. For example, some of the retail stockrooms we supply have water fountains and our clients need to store items around these. To fit the area, a custom sized unit is created with only shelves on the top to effectively surround the water fountains with storage.

ADA Accessibility

The deck and ramp option provides access for carts and wheelchairs as well as cleaning up the visual style of the system. Metal ramp and wood or tile deck is available to create a safe and sturdy platform between the tracks, eliminating any trip hazard and easing access.

Desks & Other Units

Many stockrooms incorporate the managers desk or receiving areas directly, which is why we provide a custom manager’s desk solution. The typical unit features several shelves and a 48″ x 28″ desk top with an optional task light and locking drawer below the work surface. We also can provide custom sized shelving to act as receiving desks or other platforms – all using the same parts as the Rack Solid shelving so the desks will integrate seamlessly. Some clients require specially sized shelving units to utilize space around water fountains and other objects, which is not a problem.


A wide variety of locker styles and sizes are available to meet your storage needs – whether for valuable items or for employee use, we’ve got what you need. Multiple tier options usually ranging from 1-6 allow for a higher density of users. Lock types can range from bring your own lock to digital code assigning.

Locked Doors and Drawers

With our stockroom shelving, doors can be added with locks, drawers and other enclosing methods can be used to safely secure documents and other sensitive materials or valuables. This can allow for access control to different items in your stockroom. Whether the item is of higher value or more likely to be stolen, the security doors and drawers will help keep up loss prevention.

Security Cage

When you have an entire area of valuables, large or small, sometimes the best method is to secure the whole area. We provide and install security cage that can be fitted (by your security provider) with any sort of locking and surveillance equipment. The security cage effectively encloses any area you need to be locked down without building an entire room for it.

Dry Erase Boards

We also carry dry erase boards to meet your storage room needs. Some of our customers opt to put dry erase boards at the end of their shelving aisles to keep track of what’s being stored in each aisle – from shipment to shipment or season to season.

Please call 1 (800) 784-8080 or email today to speak with a member of our dedicated staff to develop your solution. You can also request a free quote online.