Staff Directory

Lance Pennington

Department: Executive
Position: Owner/President
Email: LP@mmistorage.com
Phone Ext: x211

Lance started Mobile Media, Inc. in 1986 and has not looked back since. He is a very hands-on owner/ president for the company. Both his passion and dedication to the company shine through every day, whether he is diligently drawing and quoting in the office or assisting in the manufacturing department.

Nancy Pennington

Department: Executive
Position: Owner/Vice-President
Email: NP@mmistorage.com
Phone Ext: x211

If Lance is the heart of MMI, Nancy is the soul. She is the second half of a perennial and endearing partnership. Nancy is a strong support to Lance's endeavors and allows him the opportunity to pursue his visions for Mobile Media.

Bill Beyer

Department: Manufacturing
Position: General Manager
Email: BB@mmistorage.com
Phone Ext: x220

Bill, as the head of the manufacturing and production, runs a tight ship in his department. His calculations and scheduling ensure a smooth flow of products coming in and going out. Not only is he efficient but safety in the workplace is also a priority to him as he ensures protocol is consistently adhered to.

Antoinette Fitzpatrick

Department: HR/Accounting
Position: HR/Accounts Payable
Email: AF@mmistorage.com
Phone Ext: x218

For accounting, Antionette ensures that the capital at MMI is analyzed and reported. She performs a dual role as the human resource hand to ensure the coordination of employee requisites and is literally a resource for intelligence that will optimize benefits and earnings.

Chris Robinson

Department: Warehousing
Position: Warehousing Manager
Email: CR@mmistorage.com
Phone Ext: x301

Chris works to proficiently manage the organization and stock of MMI's products. Once our products are manufactured they are stored at our warehouses and Chris leads a team of staff to account for inventory and is vital to the process of getting our product from repository to distribution.

Jessica Robinson

Department: Operations
Position: Operations Manager
Email: JR@mmistorage.com
Phone Ext: x217

Jessica operates as a Jill of all Trades for MMI. From producing quotes and managing projects to supervising and directing the office staff, she is a key component to the operations of Mobile Media. If there is ever a question or uncertainty, Jessica has a solution to ensure that the company is operating at peak performance.

Sheri Jeffries

Department: Client Success
Position: Account Manager
Email: SJ@mmistorage.com
Phone Ext: x227

As an account manager, Sheri is responsible for client communications and generally maintains the association of an account for the duration of its time with MMI. Filling the role as a project coordinator, our account managers ensure that their clients are 100% satisfied.

Dawnrose Fragale

Department: Install & Service
Position: Install Coordinator
Email: DF@mmistorage.com
Phone Ext: x228

Dawnrose manages the installation team and ensures the successful implementation of our product. She assists in maintaining the integrity of the overall agenda of MMI's projects and keeps the business on a structured timetable.

Jennifer Carr

Department: Warehousing
Position: Freight Coordinator
Email: JC@mmistorage.com
Phone Ext: x300

Jennifer is responsible for the freight in and out of our warehouses. She is a logistics specialist that ensures that installation teams and components that they need to assemble, arrive in harmony. Jennifer evaluates the cost of each shipment to ensure the best value possible.

Mario Sanchez

Department: Quoting & Design
Position: Production Engineer
Email: MS@mmistorage.com
Phone Ext: x229

Mario uses drafting software to turn designs and ideas into technical drawings and plans. He prepares layouts that indicate dimensions, space optimization and other requirements needed for planning. Mario can use these calculations and plans to identify potential design conflicts before they arise during installation.

Shawn Moraca

Department: Sales & Marketing
Position: Sales Manger
Email: SM@mmistorage.com
Phone Ext: x225

Shawn is a transfer from the service department to sales. His experience with surveying and product components ensures that he is very well educated on what his potential customers need. Shawn goes out of his way to do more than just sell by sharing his product knowledge and educating his clientele.

Linda Lu

Department: Client Success
Position: Account Manager
Email: LL@mmistorage.com
Phone Ext: x233

Linda is highly regarded for her account fulfillment and poise in the face of delicate projects. She has a remarkable talent for satisfying her clientele and always reinforces that the final arrangement will exceed customer expectations.

Kevin Carpenter

Department: Quoting & Design
Position: Project Estimator
Email: KC@mmistorage.com
Phone Ext: x226

Kevin is skillful at cost analysis and uses this skill to determine project value based on material, labor and time requirements. He is responsible for maintaining and evaluating this cost data over time. Kevin sends bids and estimates to inquiring companies and his cost estimate can be the determining element in whether a client chooses MMI or a competitor.

Joey Rodgers

Department: Install & Service
Position: Service Coordinator
Email: JLR@mmistorage.com
Phone Ext: x232

As the service coordinator, Joey will assess customer installations under our 10 year warranty to ensure that they are running smoothly. He will order parts, quote services and assist with site surveys. Joey ensures that we have nationwide coverage for all service requests.

Nick Motola

Department: Quoting & Drafting
Position: Drafter / Estimator
Email: NM@mmistorage.com
Phone Ext: x219

Nick serves a dual role as both a drafter and an estimator. He designs floor plans and elevations for the drafting side of his duties. For estimating he ensures that our product is fairly quoted and that the customer's desires are met with realistic and up-to-code designations.

Amy Perillo

Department: Client Success
Position: Account Manager
Email: AP@mmistorage.com
Phone Ext: x212

As an account manager, Amy fulfills her account's needs, specializing in larger projects requiring a comprehensive awareness. Already having experience in the retail operations sector, Amy has great intuition and vision into how our clients operate.

Don Henke

Department: Sales & Marketing
Position: Sales Manager
Email: DH@mmistorage.com
Phone Ext: x213

Don is a past account manager who has moved on to sales. His knowledge of the project management side gives him an edge to be able to understand the client's needs for the entire duration of the project.

Craig Morrow

Department: Install & Service
Position: Union Install Coordinator
Email: CM@mmistorage.com
Phone Ext: x223

Craig manages our installations that require certain labor guidelines. He diligently ensures that our jobs are compliant with labor laws in different areas. Craig also guarantees not only that the right type of labor is on a job site, but coordinates timely completion of his installs for cost effectiveness.